Established SE Corporation (formerly SE Sangyo Co., Ltd.).


Established the SEEE Association.


Started sales of "F-PH stay cables for cable stayed bridges."


Established Atsugi Factory.


Started sales of "F500PH stay cables for cable stayed bridges."
Technical examination certification obtained from the SABO & Landslide Technical Center (STC) of Japan for SEEE Ground Anchor MethodTible Anchor Type A.
Constructed Yamaguchi Factory.


Established joint venture KOREA SE CORPORATION in South Korea.
Started sales of "new anti-seismic ties for bridges."


Started sales of "large stay cables Type PAC-H for cable stayed bridges."


Started sales of "SEEE Ground Anchor Construction Method, Tible Anchor Type U."
Acquired ISO9001 certification for quality management system.


Started over-the-counter trading (now Tokyo stock exchange JASDAQ ) of SE Corporation shares.
Started sales of the "SEEE/FUT System."


Started sales of the "Tie-Bridge System of new anti-seismic ties for bridges."


Established Ingérosec Corporation.


Started sales of the "SEEE/KIT frame."


Started sales of the "SEEE vacuum grout pump."
Started sales of "SEEE Ground Anchor Method, Tible Anchor Type M."
Started sales of the "SEEE/KIT reaction plate."


Established SE Biomass Technology Inc.
Started sales of the "SEC Type Decompression drying machine" for biomass recycling systems.


Started sales of the "Universal System" of lower part connectors for anti-seismic ties for bridges.
Acquired ISO14001 certification for environmental management system (at Headquarters and Yamaguchi factory).
Developed "Accurate Quick Stressing System" (AQSS) for the control of stress on cables of cable stayed bridges.


Started sales of "Ground Anchor Construction Method, Super Flotech Anchor."
Expanded Yamaguchi Factory.
Established Vietnam-Japan Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. (VJEC)


Shares of KOREA SE CORPORATION were listed on the KOSDAQ stock exchange in South Korea.


Yabegawa Bridge, connecting Takata-machi in the city of Miyama, Fukuoka Prefecture, and Yamato-machi in the city of Yanagawa, Fukuoka Prefecture, opened (uses SE Corporation "FUT-H stay cables").
Choshi Bridge, connecting the city of Choshi, Chiba Prefecture, and the city of Kamisu, Ibaraki Prefecture, opened (uses SE Corporation"FUT-H stay cables").
Takashima Hizen Bridge, connecting Hizen-cho in the city of Karatsu, Saga Prefecture, and Takashima-cho in the city of Matsuura, Nagasaki Prefecture, opened (uses SE Corporation "FUTH stay cables").
Expanded warehouse of Yamaguchi Factory.
Made Asahi Kogyo Co., Ltd. a subsidiary, which later changed its name to SE Asahi Inc.
"Anchor Construction Method for Anti-Seismic Fortification of Docks and Shore Protection Walls" evaluated by the Coastal Development Institute of Technology.


Made KYOEI Corporation a subsidiary.


KYOEI Corporation merged with SE Asahi Inc. and changed its name to SE A&K Corporation (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Nakata Construction Co., Ltd. made a subsidiary; subsequently integrated with the Repair-Techno Business and changed name to SE Repair Co., Ltd. (currently consolidated subsidiary).



Tekken Industrial Corporation made a subsidiary,and changed its name to SE Tekken Corporation(currently a consolidated subsidiary).




Obtained 100% of the Morita Kosan Corporation's share, and marged with SE Tekken Corporation.

Nakagawa Iron Works Corporation made a consolidated subsidiary.


Established the ESCON Association.


SE A&K Corporation obtained 100% of the HONSYU Corporation's share.
Its new name is A&K HONSYU Corporation.


SE Tekken Corporation mergered with Nakagawa Iron Works Corporation.
SE Tekken Corporation is a surviving company.