Dr. Mineo Morimoto<br/>President
Dr. Mineo Morimoto

Striving to Create an Abundant Social Environment
Prefaced on Harmony with the Natural Environment.

Social infrastructure such as roads, bridges, rivers and landslide prevention systems is indispensable to our everyday life. This social infrastructure is the foundation created by our forerunners over many generations to ensure a safe, comfortable and affluent life, and is the substrate underpinning our lifestyle culture as we look to the future.

The SE Group, with a global view in mind, is striving for greater advancements in construction technology performance. In tandem, the Group is leveraging its excellent soft engineering skills not only to achieve lower construction costs, shorter construction periods, and to enhance execution performance, but also to pursue aesthetically and culturally rich social capital that answers societal needs. As an engineering manufacturer, the SE Group proposes high performance products and related engineering services that are globally competitive, reflecting our efforts to promote the development of new products and technologies coupled with extensive quality control.

In step with ongoing globalization, the SE Group is working in cooperation with Ingérosec Corporation, a joint venture established with world-renowned engineering company, Ingérop of France, to aggressively expand operations in overseas markets. The Group is also raising its profile in the field of construction materials to move away from overreliance on the currently weak public works sector, and has made new inroads into repair and reinforcement in response to the rise in aging social infrastructure. Through these and other actions, the SE Group is developing business in ways that flexibly meet society’s needs.