Architectural Construction Material Business
- SE A&K Corporation -

SE A&K is engaged primarily in the manufacture and sales of snap ties for construction of buildings and condominiums using concrete formings and All-Threaded bolts. It also sells metal components for concrete formings and interior finishing materials.
SE A&K has very close relationships with end users. It uses these ties to identify construction site needs in order to improve and develop products. A meticulous delivery service is another way in which SE A&K assists its customers.

Business Content

Temporary construction materials

In terms of both type and quantity, SE A&K has a plentiful lineup of products and materials necessary for temporary forming construction.

Interior building materials

We have a extensive array of All-Threaded bolts and screws to support the entire spectrum of construction work.


Boasting a high-precision production line, SE A&K manufactures all of the wire materials used in its products in-house.

Strengths of SE A&K

Integrated manufacturing via own factory

From purchasing and production to delivery, SE A&K handles all processes inhouse to ensure stable quality and reduce costs.

Wealth of product lineup

We have a extensive lineup of products and materials in terms of both type and quantity to meet customers’ every need.

Close relationships with clients

Across the entire process of purchasing, production and delivery, we provides meticulous services and welcomes consultation requests for both special orders and delivery dates.