The roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, ports, and other facilities that support life in Japan are vital forms of social capital. The premature deterioration of these concrete structures due to neutralization, salt damage, and other factors is a major concern. SE Repair leverages maintenance technology amassed over many years to recover deteriorated functionality and improve durability, guided by its mission to pass on Japan’s vital social capital to future generations.

Business Content


On the basis the findings from various survey results, we draw up databases for maintenance of concrete structures.

Research and diagnostics

Our professional team investigate more detailed analysis about conditions of structure and diagnose the problem.

Methodological examination and proposals

Based on diagnosis results, we propose repair and reinforcement methods considering the premise of the strategic maintenance and supervision of social capital.


We provide highly qualified and time efficient design of Bridges, tunnels and other structures to meet the needs of their maintenance, management and conservation are of increasing significance.

Repair and reinforcement construction

Including a Carbon fiber sheets Method for reinforcement and a Sheet Metal Adhesive Method, we have a track record spanning more then 30 years answering a broad spectrum of needs.
Also we strictly maintain the construction work with the shortest schedule and minimum cost by combining resources.

Strengths of SE Repair

Achievements spanning over 3 decades

A specialist in repair and construction work focused mainly on bridges and tunnels, SE Repair has a track record spanning more than 30 years answering a broad spectrum of needs.

Provision of a wide range of materials

SE Repair provides the materials necessary for all types of repair and reinforcement work, handling SEEE cables and a wide range of carbon fiber-based and other proprietary SEC products.

Optimal proposals based on past achievements

With overlapping research and design divisions in repair and reinforcement, SE Repair offers proposals that reflect analysis of research data based on years of accumulated knowhow and examination of the right methods for the job.