Our Business supplies products such as SEEE prestressing cables for prestressed concrete, which are the basis of the SEEE Prestressed Method, and other cable products which are based on the Method. Also we support total engineering service including cable erections.


Environmental and Disaster Prevention

In the environmental and disaster prevention field, the Group supplies ground anchors for the prevention of landslides, KIT reaction plates that harmonize with greening and scenery, anti-seismic ties for bridges to forestall the collapse of bridge girders in an earthquake, and other products, thereby contributing to environmental conservation and disaster prevention.

•Environmental conservation and landslide prevention
•Anti-seismic reinforcement of port and harbor facilities and underground structures
•Anti-seismic ties for bridge girders
•Systems for durability monitoring

Bridge and Civil Structures

In the bridge and civil structures field, the Group supplies products such as SEEE prestressing cables for prestressed concrete, outer cables, stay cables and other products, as well as products related to them and incidental engineering services, thereby contributing to the construction and improvement of structures and other social capital.

•New bridges in Japan and abroad
•Repair and reinforcement of existing bridges
•Stay cable business, total engineering


As Japan’s construction market, continues to contract, on the one hand, growth is projected both in environmental conservation needs and areas such as social infrastructure maintenance. Recognizing that budgets are limited, the SE Group is aiming to promote public-private partnerships (or PPP), offering proposals that reflect foreign and domestic needs in order to maintain the safety and comfort of our daily lives.

•Adoption feasibility studies
•Advisory services
•PPP model proposals
•Monitoring services