Business Operations in Vietnam

SEC, primarily through its base in Vietnam, VJEC, partners with Ingérosec to offer a comprehensive business built on the technology and expertise of the SE Group. In addition to conducting construction management services for an expressway linking Hanoi and Hai Phong as part of a transnational coalition, SEC operations currently include design check services for cable-stayed bridges and slope countermeasure survey and design services to prevent soil disasters. SEC is committed to continued efforts to aggressively develop its presence in Southeast Asia.


Business Operations in South Korea

In partnership with K-SEC, two companies adopting SEC technology and expertise established to assist in developing disaster prevention business in South Korea, SEC is focused on identifying and winning projects in this field. The Hwa Myung Grand Bridge, opened in 2012, was the first large-scale overseas project to use stay materials from SEC in the provision of stay materials and cable erection services for the bridge. As such, this project was a major steppingstone in SEC’s overseas advancement


Business Operations in Africa

SE Group, through its connection with Ingérop of France, is also showcasing its strengths in developing business across Africa, particularly in Francophone nations. In recent years, SE Group has been involved not only in human development projects and development efforts in the roads and transportation sector, but also in water and environmental projects, among others. Specific examples include orders for preparatory surveys for water environment improvement projects for provincial cities in North Africa, as well as free environmental program (water technology) preparatory surveys.