The improvement of social infrastructure creates attractive and vibrant cities and regions and lays the foundation for economic development in the pursuit of safe, secure and comfortable living conditions. Because of its public use, social infrastructure stimulates long-term economic activity and enriches our daily lives. By supplying high-function and high-performance products made possible through technology propositions and product development built on engineering with a global perspective, we plays the role of building and improving social infrastructure that is necessary and indispensable to people’s lives.

SEEE Prestressed Method PC anchoring system used in many structures

Concrete is not very pliable, but resists compression. By inserting PC cables as tension materials inside concrete to create tension, the concrete is strengthened by the introduction of compressibility (prestress), thereby enhancing its durability. It is referred to Prestressed Concrete (PC).

In the bridges and civil structures field, SEC supplies products such as SEEE prestressing cables for prestressed concrete, outer cables, stay cables for large and long bridges as Cable-stayed bridges and other product.

High performance anti-seismic ties for bridges

Anti-seismic ties for bridges were incorporated into the Tokyo metropolitan expressway system in 1974. After the Great Hanshin Earthquake in the southern part of Hyogo Prefecture in 1995, the installation of anti-seismic ties for bridges was made mandatory by law. SEC was quick to respond to the law and developed a new anti-seismic tie for bridges. Moreover SEC developed and patented the “tie-bridge system” of anti-seismic ties for bridges with multiple enhanced functions. A feature of the system is that a single structure incorporates the function of both displacement limits and bridge collapse prevention. Our anti-seismic ties for bridges have consistently maintained the top share of the market since their entry.